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Contribute to the International's overall prize pool while making tournament predictions and earning rewards as the total reaches each stretch goal. This item came with The International Compendium 2014. It allows players to predict their own victory before a match begins. Predictions of consecutive victories  Jul 27, 2017 Dota 2: Hero Predictions Most Picked Hero: Sand King. Sand King.

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This means that you still have some time left to decide which predictions to put in your compendium. Yesterday, we took a look at the most likely tournament predictions you can use. Now, let’s see which heroes have a higher chance to be among the winners in the heroes' prediction tab. It’s that time of the year where everyone digs out their Ouija boards, Crystal Balls 90-sided dices, tea leaves and Tarot cards. I’m mostly partial to throwing darts at a dart-board.

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Thanks. With the Dota 2 regional qualifiers for The International 2019 finally overdone and dusted, players can use their TI9 Compendium to predict which of the 18 teams fighting for more than $30 million in prizes will make their mark on this event.

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Dota 2 compendium predictions

With that said, if you just want to see my predictions click here. If you want to look at the research and reasoning and make your own informed decision keep reading!

Contribute to The International's overall prize pool while making tournament predictions and earning rewards as the total reaches each stretch goal. This year  You can get Player Card Packs and make predictions for the biggest Dota 2 event of the year. DoTA & DoTA2.
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Predictions is somepoint which a gem owners can carry out. Valve frequently releases prediction gems in which once you win 3 times you obtain a treacertain. Make certain you buy compendium or gems to permit wagering or prediction.

Compendium Predictions 06-30-2014, 01:44 AM. The Manila Majors run from June 3rd to June 12th. Make predictions in your TI compendium for extra levels & items!TLDW: Album with predictions - https://imgu The Shanghai Majors are running from February 25th to March 6th.
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View orginal article. Dota 2 Purge plays Alchemist - Dota 2 Tournaments TV Hey guys, i just have this 3 predictions atm, if u have predictions from Dota 2 Casters, Analyst or pages share this info in the comments. Thanks.

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#39 - The International Compendium Predictions! Ori Snorey Stikes

Valve has released a new update for Dota 2 which adds Kiev Major 2017 predictions and  photograph. ESPORTS - predictions and tips (Dota 2, CS:GO, LoL) photograph. Manila Major Compendium Predictions - DOTABUFF - Dota 2 Stats.